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Welcome to the art images section of my new website: even though there are a limited number of images in the "Art Gallery" for someone who has been practising for nearly 30 years it reveals a good X-section of my output - especially for someone who has never created work on a constant basis... ;)

Much of my art can broadly be defined as "narrative" - but it's not so much a "story" as a "conversation" - intended to provide more than a simple account, even if the subject matter might seem quite explicit at times. This "conversation" is the broad "canvass" where objects, symbols & other more abstract images & patterns appear from my associations with the subject I'm portraying.....or they might easily be seen by others as following a totally bizarre path from whatever originally inspired any particular piece of work!


For anyone who wants further explanation I refer them to the comments I made in the last two paragraphs of the "Biography" section in the "Introduction" to this website: because however irrational this "creative process" might appear to some there is something "systematic" at work: this I believe to be a culturally-specific Indigenous trait where historically, oral tradition in story, song & general conversation involves a circular, expanding gamut of inter-connectivity that can spiral out to embrace a multitude of associations.....always returning to the starting-point or situation/issue at hand - but often with an enhanced awareness of that situation.

But however one might describe (or prescribe) my thought processes and how they translate into actual artworks, hopefully the viewer is encouraged enough by the appearance to engage with particular works and generate their own ideas - perhaps even create their own personal "conversation" as to what they think about the work or its' context, possible interpretations or associations...if a work fails to engage anyone at all then it is meaningless...& over this collection of works if I haven't obtained some engagement here & there then I've probably been wasting a lot of my time exhibiting it..! ;)

There are personal, political, philosophical, social & cultural influences in my work...it's hard to imagine it being anything but, being the person I am!

The environment I find myself in still influences me the greatest...from this I believe everything else develops: for me originally a sense of "difference" due to my somewhat peculiar, individual circumstances & family/cultural background.

This I was acutely aware of partly due to an overly- sensitive nature that also led me to a type of retreat & my own interpretation of the world from an early age, probably enhancing my tendency to "dream" - but I really don't think there is anything terribly unusual in that confession nor its' (general) outcomes; I think that this is a general comment that we can all associate with to varying degrees & recognise as part of our personal, individual makeup!


As well, a sense of "loss" and poignancy is present to a degree in much of my work...but there is also another sense that hopefully redeems it from any morbidly tragic expression: a sense of triumph through survival; that of awareness, courage, confidence, humour & compassion....some of my personal interpretations of what it is to be me, as well as human, & something that has also become synonymous with Indigenous Australian pride...


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