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Saturn Images from 2011 to 2020 showing the changing tilt over this time

From 2011 to 2017 the ring faces had been opening up and in 2018 to 2020 they began to close up again as Saturn commenced to tilt back in the opposite direction.


25th September 2020

A nice image.

9th September 2020

A storm Ė bright white complex Ė high up in Saturnís Northern latitude, just inside the NPR (North Polar Region) adjacent to that regionís junction with the NNTeZ. (North-North Temperate Zone)

4th September 2020

In this image the same BWC (storm spot) as in the image above this one Ė but very clearly captured here!

25th August 2020

Same BWC again although less distinct here above.

1st August 2020

A mono (black & white) infra-red filter image. (742nm filter)


16th July 2020

Here we can see Saturn with 4 of its inner moons.

7th July 2020

Another image with nothing of note showing on Saturnís disk.

4th June 2020

Looking carefully you will see at least one BWC/storm spot on the disk.

16th May 2020

Although not the best capture or seeing conditions, this image shows a chain of 3 storm spots as per the annotated inset image. Strangely, it isnít unusual to find that some images in poorer capture conditions can still reveal disk detail on Saturn!

21st April 2020

Some faint disk detail & 3 of Saturnís moons on display.

12th April 2020


9th April 2020


18th March 2020




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