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Note:               Most images on this page are "clickable" and will open up as "full scale images" in a new tab.

                        Depending on the size of your monitor you may have to click again on this image to enlarge it.

                        All the images should also respond favourably to the use of the "zoom" tool of your browser

                        page if you want to up the scale further!

Saturn Images from 2011 to 2019 showing the changing tilt over this time

From 2011 to 2017 the ring faces had been opening up - and in 2018 & 2019 they began to close up again as Saturn commences to tilt back in the opposite direction.

Click on the images..! 😊

13th September 2019


A nice image of Saturn & 2 moons where the tilt still provides a nice perspective of the North Polar Hexagon.

The image below shows the rgb & constituent r, g & b images.


29th July 2019


Similar to the 2 images above this pair, the rgb at larger scale above & smaller scale with constituent individual filter images below.


15th July 2019


The mono image above points out a storm spot (white) on Saturn at the time.

The image immediately below shows how WinJUPOS is used to measure where this spot is in terms of latitude & longitude (L3) on the colour (rgb) image on this date.

Below this the next 2 images are also from that night.







25th June 2019


On 2 of the nights we imaged Jupiter at Natimuk in Victoria’s West Wimmera we also imaged Saturn.

Although the skies were excellent for imaging there, the temperatures were freezing – literally J - so we only imaged longer (to stay up long enough to capture Saturn) on 2 of those 4 nights!

This image (at 180% enlargement of the capture scale) shows several small white spots. (small relatively, in actuality they are of course very large when you consider just how large Saturn really is compared to our Earth)

These white spots (each one called a “BWC” – Bright White Complex) are actually storms in the (visible) upper atmosphere of Saturn.



Above is a simple 2-frame animated gif of Saturn from this night: in this you can pick up the movement of those white spots. (BWC’s)

This assists not only in seeing them but also confirming that they are more than anomalies or artefacts created in the capture &/or processing routines we apply by the ability to detect them in more than one image capture.


20th June 2019


Another image above taken on the first night at Natimuk with very little to see on this visible face of the planet.

The image below this one displays the colour image at capture scale as well as the individual colour channels (red, green & blue) that make up the rgb (colour) image.



16th May 2019


Another good image outcome despite very strong winds making it difficult to keep Saturn in the camera’s

view – the images below this one being the individual colour channels of the colour (rgb) immediately below.


15th April 2019


The first good image for 2019 with some bright spots visible on Saturn’s disk.

10th April 2019


Above & below: our first images of Saturn for 2019 where weather conditions for imaging have been very unfavourable much of the time.















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