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29th September 2018

Saturn here has faint glimpses of the Northern storm's vestiges (again with subliminal storm aspects) is the iR685nm capture with the NP Hex & core visible for our last image for the year


13th September 2018

Saturn is becoming difficult now for us this late in the season but here's Saturn in r-g-b, r & iR685nm: not anywhere near ideal seeing but the Northern storm shows up faintly as a distended feature regardless & at least worth the effort processing


12 September 2018

Saturn below isn't anything to write home about but we did pick up the High Northern storm which was satisfying anyway...also several bright (storm) spots on the disk which was surprising - but they were quite noticeable!


2nd September 2018

The Saturn image below was not taken in very favourable seeing.

Any other time I wouldn't show this image but it does have some interesting aspects: we did pick up the High Northern storm which was satisfying...also several bright (storm) spots on the disk which was surprising - but they were quite noticeable!


1st August 2018

Fortunate enough below to pick up the high Northern latitude storm...nowhere near as clearly-defined as we did back in early June & it might well have dissipated to only what can be seen here...although that is merely a guess


And the Polar Map


30th June 2018

I'm not a real fan of super-sizing but I thought this warranted such scaling - resolution of those sub-polar storms is quite outstanding considering the seeing wasn't excellent by any means...& of course 5 captures with this resolution is an additional surprise..!


Importantly for us, Prof. Agustin of the PVOL institute had sent out emails to a number of people asking for any images of the North Polar region...where several existing polar storms were expected to approach each other during the next week or so

Again the onscreen feed was quite steady without being something to rave over & we took a sequence of 6 captures...went inside for a one hour break & came outside for another 3 captures.

Very pleased with the Saturn image here where some good hi-res definition of the aforementioned storms are clearly-seen: the PVOL team are hoping to get time on the Hubble soon to record this very interesting phenomenon & (possibly) reveal more of the workings of Saturn's polar weather systems...one of the reasons why they asked for more images of these storms from amateurs such as ourselves...


27th June 2018

Saturn about 2 hours after opposition by my reckoning...Seeliger Effect where the rings become very bright due to them being their most “face on” to the Sun is very prominent here as was the huge contrast in brightness between the disk & rings especially in the blue channel's onscreen images.


2nd June 2018

Below the high Northern storm seems to come up a clearly...but the "gap" proceeding it in the sub-polar boundary which it is lodged in is also revealed...& also a "pair" of bright storm spots in the NTrZ region near the C.M.


29th April 2019

Good Saturn under cloudy conditions


2nd April 2018

WinJUPOS of Saturn


Below we caught the large Northern storm in this very rudimentary processing here but were more surprised to notice that there were 2 roughly parallel, longish bright streaks in Saturn's EZ...& by fast-processing of another 2 captures confirmed their presence in an animation - it is just visible in the first frame, but quite distinct in the 2nd & 3rd..!


...below is the animation annotated for those who might have some difficulty picking it up - the high Northern spot is also annotated here as well as the twin parallel streaks.


12th March 2017

Here's a decent Saturn image in RGB, which we were fairly pleased with for so early in the season


And the Red channel


5th March 2018

This sums up what it often takes to pull anything half-reasonable from a night's imaging - especially when you're not blessed with very good seeing despite the elevation



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