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NEPTUNE 2021 - 2022

Neptune is the outermost planet in our Solar System – now that Pluto is no longer considered to be a planet…although the recent NASA mission to Pluto has certainly added enormously to the knowledge of this particular member of the Solar System!

For planetary imagers like us Neptune is the ultimate challenge: even at very high magnification it appears as just a tiny disk through our telescope…to achieve even the most shadowy details on this planet is an outstanding achievement – hardly surprising when you consider that it is 4.5 billion kilometres away!!! (4,503,443,661 kms from the Sun)

At times it is even possible (under very good conditions) to pick up enormous storms raging in Neptune’s upper atmosphere…these appear as bright, white spots which are plotted for their progress, with the information being used by professional astronomers to assist their own studies…

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