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Note:               Most of the images on this page are "clickable" and will open up as "full scale images" in a new tab.
                        Depending on the size of your monitor you may have to click again on this image to enlarge it.
                        All the images should respond favourably to the use of the "zoom" tool of your browser page if
                        you want to up the scale further!


On Jupiter, with less distinction for Saturn & even less on Uranus & Neptune these planets have a structure of belts or bands. (zones)

The text at the top of the image bellow explains this a bit more clearly where these classifications provide a way of locating various activities and general phenomena.

I have used one of our own images alongside another from the Hubble Space Telescope to illustrate.

11th October20201


In the animated sequence below Jupiter’s moon Europa has already begun its transit across the face of Jove, with another moon (Io, in that part of its orbit “behind” Jupiter) exiting to the left.

6th September 2021


Another nicely-detailed animation of Jupiter where the same yellowish-brown colouration in the Equatorial Zone as in the one above can be seen.

15th August 20221


In the animation below we can see Jupiter’s Great Red Spot disappearing on the right-hand side/limbwhilst one moon (Callisto) and its shadow move across the right side of Jove’s face, with Ganymede (and its shadow) as well as Europa moving in from the left-hand side.

Note that both Callisto’s & Ganymede’s shadows are to the right of each of these moons, meaning the Sun is shining from the left of everything, as is normal before opposition.

13th August 2021


In this well-detailed image we can see at the bottom right the Oval BA, also know as “Red Spot Junior.”

This giant storm spot has faded over the years and is now only a much paler yellow hue, but some structure can be made out in it here.

Almost straight above it and high in the Northern Hemisphere we can also see a similar but smaller spot (still enormous in Earth terms!)


Here we see black & white (mono) images of Jove from each of the 3 filters (red, green & blue) that make up

colour captures in a monochrome camera.


Another image taken before one of the above with “Red Spot Junior” aka Oval BA in an earlier

position in Jupiter’s rotation that night.

8th August 2021


Here we see Europa (smaller) and Ganymede on the right soon after they have transited Jupiter, with Io peeping out from behind Jove on the left.


A single image of the above event.


Here we have made a view of Jupiter’s North & South pole via the WinJUPOS software.

Apologies for each image being incorrectly labelled Saturn..! 😊

8th August 2021


In this image we see both europa and Ganymede transiting Jupiter – Europa appears as a “ghostly” white disk barely visible on Jupiter’s face, with its shadow to the right near Ganymede much more visible.

Ganymede’s shadow has already left Jupiter’s face.

9th July 2021


A couple of images, the second an animation with Jupiter’s GRS on display.

20th June 2021


4 monochrome images including an ir610nm filter image and the r-g-b colour combination of the 3 r, g &b filter images as a colour image below the first.


An animated sequence of the above showing 5 large white storm spots with Oval BA just above the left-handside spot.

A mono animation following…

2nd June 2021


2 images with plenty of detail including the GRS, taken a short time apart.

A larger scale single image is below this pair followed by the 3 monchrome images that make up this colour image (at a smaller scale) and a very good green filter enlarged view of the GRS showing a lot of detail,together with a green filter (mono) animation.

26th May 2021


Another nice view of Jove with the GRS and above it the constituent red, green & blue filter images.

17th May 2021


A nice image showing some beautiful wave-forms on the upper (Northern) edge of the North Temperate belt.

An animated sequence is shown below this image and then the 3 monochrome (ie, individual filters) images below that.

28th April 2021


Another colour image alongside its monochrome filter image components where Io and its shadow transit Jove.


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